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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by dhofer, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. dhofer

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    I own an Exmark Laser HP with a 52" deck. By landscaping standards, this is lightly used. I mow my 4 acres and my parents 2 acres weekly (all flat unobstructed land - was a farm field 10 years ago). In 5 years of ownership, the mower now has 250 hours on it.

    I'm told the spindles are shot and need replaced. I'm a little surprised that a $ 700 repair (this was the estimate) would be needed with so few hours.

    I've reached under the deck and can find no 'play' in the spindle with the blade attached on 2 of them. One of them moves side-to-side slightly. Can someone tell me the best method to determine if a spindle is going bad or is bad and needs immediate replacement?
  2. eXmark

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    The best way for us to assist you would be to get you into contact directly with us. In doing so, we can work with you directly and involve the dealer as well. There are many variables to consider in this situation and is best resolved case by case.

    Please contact us by calling 402.223.6375 or via e-mail at service@exmark.com

    We will be happy to take a look at your case and offer any assistance we can provide.

    Christie Moore
  3. dhofer

    dhofer LawnSite Member
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    Perhaps I'm not in the correct forum. I'm looking for advice on how to check these spindles from other owners who have experience with this.

    Is this an ExMark owned forum? I'm certainly not interested in getting in the middle of an issue between the dealer and Exmark.
  4. eXmark

    eXmark Manufacturer / Sponsor
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    Yes, this is an Exmark sponsered site. I am sure you will still receive some input from the gang on your spindle issues.
  5. accuratelawn

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    you should get alot more than 250 hours before replacement of spindles.
    Do you store the mower outside?
    Dp you power wash the mower or hose it down?
    Moisture could shorten the life of you bearings
  6. dhofer

    dhofer LawnSite Member
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    I always store indoors. Yes, I do powerwash it. I also have some low areas that I mow that hold water.
  7. MikeLT1Z28

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    if they are noisey then the bearings are shot. i went thru this with my former dealer (when i ran exmarks) and got screwed, so i sold the lazer and the metro just sits broke in my garage.
  8. XB 2002

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    I have 2003 Lazer Z. It had 144 hours on it and I noticed that one spindle was pretty noisy and one other felt like it was on the way. I contacted Exmark since I was out of warranty, Christie wanted me to have my dealer check the machine out ( Fair enough ) but I already had it hoisted up in my shop and disassembled. I ordered six new bearings from J Thomas and pulled all of the spindles (3) and replaced them a couple of months ago for about 70.00 in parts.
    Now, as far a washing it. I too, have kept my machine clean, although I never use a pressure washer. I personally wish that Exmark would have a Greaseable spindle housing for my machine. If hose water is getting into a sealed bearing from my faucet then how is the grease staying in there at those high RPM's ? And before someone says that the aftermarket bearings aren't going to last just look how long the factory new homeowner use only ones lasted. Call J Thomas and order you some bearings.
    XB 2002
    P.S. $700.00 is Highway Robbery !! If you were near me I'd help you for nothing. Good Luck !!
  9. Allens LawnCare

    Allens LawnCare LawnSite Senior Member
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    As long has the Spindal housings are fine replace the bearing....I had the same issue wanted $600 for four complete spindels and labor...then I was pulled aside and told to check out just the bearing, $11 apiece....the dearler tells the Mechanics to push for the whole assembly.
  10. dhofer

    dhofer LawnSite Member
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    The feedback I've received is fantastic and I greatly appreciate it.

    One person mentioned that if the spindles are noisy they need replaced. I don't notice any noise. Are there any other indicators that a spindle is bad?

    Regarding replacing the bearings, are they pressed in?

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