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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by keith826, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. keith826

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    O.K. I feel pretty dumb here. I never replaced my Spindles now during the off-season I am but I can not take them off. I took off all the bolts, I then tried to use a gear puller to take the top part off(where the key-way is) No luck!! Do I take the whole pulley assembly off or just the top part of the spindle? Any help would be great. Thanx....Keith
    (I have an older 61 inch Scag .)
  2. KG Lawncare

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    KEITH; Take the 2 bolts out of each spindle, put the in the 2 empty holes of each spindle, and tighten them down evenly...the pulleys seperate fom the spindle. Use a Never-Seize when you re-assemble in the opposite manner. Good luck and post the results...JIM.
  3. J&R

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    I would upgrade those bolts to grade 8 or higher they will break most of the time if there old.
  4. eslawns

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    Jim is right except he left out a very important step. Before you start trying to separate the pulley from the collar, use PB40. This will save you amazing grief.

    BTW, if you have a pneumatic hammer, you can use it to push the pulley off. Also, a fine grade of sandpaper on the collar and inside of the pulley will remove any rust and help it go back together smoothly.
  5. keith826

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    Thank you all for your help. I did remove the spindles but it was not easy. I had to put even upward pressure under the pulley's then banged down the center of spindle, They finally popped out. Thanks Again......Keith
  6. Tvov

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    When I replaced one of the spindles on one of our older (much older) wbs, the pulley just broke apart into pieces. A new pulley isn't that expensive, so it wasn't that big of a deal. This is also why you should have backup machines, as it took a day to get the replacement parts.

    When you put the spindles back on the machine, make sure all the spindles/pulleys are the same height. Sometimes as you tighten things up, the pulleys can move just a little, watch for this and try to avoid it.

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