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spindle question?


LawnSite Member
vevay indiana
I noticed when mowing yesterday a funny sound coming from what sounded like spindle on discharge side. Almost sounded like gravel in a tin can. Finished mowing and it was cutting just fine. Today I was going to clean up the mower and noticed grease all around the spindle and even throw up across the deck. Any clues? Shot spindle or what?


LawnSite Senior Member
New Hampshire
You might have a sealed spindle bearing that isn't sealed anymore....take the belt off and rotate the spindle by the blade....also try and rock the blade...you should be able to tell if the spindle is junk....should rotate smooth with no play.

I had a junk spindle and even with the belt on I could rock the pulley...after removing I could hear the bearings...compare to a new one and you'll know.