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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ericg, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. ericg

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    I just received a spindle shaft puller from lawnmowerman.com that I ordered last week. This puller pulls the spindle shaft without removing the spindle from the mower allowing you to rebuild the spindles while still on the deck. The puller came in two parts and I am embarrassed to say that I cannot figure out what the second part of the puller is for. I tried calling the store but they were closed for the night. Does anyone out there have this type of puller and if so, could you please tell me how to set it up? In advance, thank you for your help,



    SILVERSTREAK INC LawnSite Senior Member
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    hrmm i dunno, my tools of choice are a hammer and gear puller
  3. ed2hess

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    How do you get the bearing out aren't they pressed in? It would seem like you would have to raise the unit pretty high to get under deck or am I missing something?
  4. ericg

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    I called the shop and found that the shorter part of the two pieces actually assists in the installation of the replacement spindle shaft. After removing the blade bolt and the snap ring holding the hollow spindle shaft, the longer puller is utilized to pull the spindle. Once removed, the worn bearings can be replaced. After installation of the new bearings, the shorter tool is utilized to reinstall the spindle shaft as it is an interference fit. Previously, when a spindle was worn, I would remove the spindle assembly from the deck, place it in a vice and after removal of the spindle retaining ring, beat the spindle out of the bearings as the spindle was always frozen to the bearing. This tool now allows me to press the spindle in and out without damage and more importantly while still on the deck. I raise the deck a little higher than I would to replace the blades and the tool works great.

  5. Roger

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    What kind of mower/spindle do you have? Your arrangement sounds much like my Exmark Viking deck.

    I have always done as you say you have done -- taken off the spindle, taken it to the vice, then knock out the bearings using a punch through the center. But, the spindle unit itself (long hollow shaft, with large washer on bottom end, the unit where the through-bolt passes) always just drops out when I take off the pulley. The large washer holds it on the bottom side, the pulley with key/lockscrew holds it on the top. I have never had a problem of the spindle releasing from the inside of the bearings, top and bottom.

    Now, getting the bearings out from the casting, ... that is another problem.

    Maybe I'm missing something in your description.

    But, I'm glad to know you have made the bearing replacements quickly and successfully.
  6. ericg

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    Roger, I have utilized this puller on two Scag spindles. For whatever reason, the spindle shaft becomes frozen to the bearings on the Scaggs. Prior to reinstallation, I use crocus cloth and polish the spindle shaft and apply some never seize. Hopefully, the next time that the bearings require replacement, I will be able to tap the shafts out without resorting to the puller. The spindles I am working on are the cast iron body type from Scagg.
  7. kayeproperties

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    Well I am glad I have Exmark and Dixie Chopper as the only tools I needed after the pully was removed were a hammer a screwdriver and a punch. I have been able to do them on the deck which saves time but getting them off isnt too much more just 4-6 bolts or so.

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