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spindle shot or not? grease coming out of bottom

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I think that my spindle bearings are occasionally will shake like crazy...grease comes out of the bottom of the spindle when greasing not the top...and if i take my hand and grab the top nut where you would tighten the blades i can move the spindle back and forth (not like its loose but move the internals) i'm guessing its time for a new spindle but just wanted to make sure...thanks

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how do i tell if i have the 1" or 1 1/8" just measure or what?
don't know what that is? and probably dont' have any =(
used to get exact measurements. try using a circle template drawing or a drill index
Your bearings will have a number on them.
And the number is universal from one bearing manufacturer to another.
You can just buy them wherever you want.
how hard is it to redo the spindles? i was actually thinking about buying a new one...but i do have an OLD spindle that i could take apart and redo if it isn't difficult? let me know what is involved, also are you saying i could just go to home depot or something and buy bearings?
buy a new spindle, bolt it on and go mow
if the bearings are worn other parts may be worn to
You'd spend as much on shipping for the new spindle as what bearings would cost you.
Bearings are THE wear parts in a spindle.

New bearings=new spindle

Don't know what machine you have. Try taking the old spindle apart. There may be a manual on line or I'm sure someone here on Lawnsite could tell you how.

You won't find bearings at Home Depot, they're lumber.
I buy bearings at TSC (tractor supply) or Bearings Incorporated.
Sometimes I find a clerk at an auto parts store that will look for a bearing by the bearing number instead of a part number.

Or just order them from J. Thomas or someone else.

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If your replacing one spindle (2 Bearings ) .You might want to do the other spindles too . Because those bearings in all spindles have pretty much spun the same amount of times , and if ones going bad chances are the others arnt far behind.

Your spindles are SHOT.

If you can physically MOVE the shaft, its WAY past being SHOT.

What brand/type mower is this on?

I've done a few spindle bearing replacements on JD's and SCAGS. All with the use of a press. Without a press, I wouldn't suggest that YOU tackle this.

Plus, with mail order companies offering COMPLETE spindle assemblies, replacing bearings is just not worth it.

You can get complete spindle assemblies for $50. Just R/R and your set.

You can spend upwards of $20 on just bearings and other clips and keys, etc. Then whats YOUR time worth, or YOUR dealers time worth?

Just buy the complete assembly.

Then if its a SCAG or a through bolted spindle, the inside diameter of the spindle shaft can become enlarged allowing the spindle bolt to "float" in the spindle. Just replacing bearings will NOT fix this. Plus, many times the reason for the bearing failure is a BENT spindle shaft. Sometimes not even VISIBLY bent.

Hope this helps.
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Originally posted by PJ Binder
buy a new spindle, bolt it on and go mow
if the bearings are worn other parts may be worn to. Why would you want to do that , the spindle is not worn out ,unless the bearing froze in the race and spun inside the housing , Bearings are very easy to replace , you can get the tools you need a Home Depot. You need the right size wrenches or sockets to fit the top and bottom nuts . A snap-ring puller (or also called a Sir Clip puller).And a brass punch . Pull both sets of nuts off ,drive out center guide, you will have to drive it through the pully be careful because the pully has a key in it . with brass punch. Remove snap-rings. and punch out bearings . Tap on each side of bearing equally and It should come out . Replace everything in the opposite order and line the pully and key up and tap into place . Dont forget to replace the snap rings ,Grease extra well tighten everything down and go to work. Hope this Helps Chris
just buy a new spindle no worries about it not being put together right or having the right tools like a press.
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