spindle started on fire on my warrior. question about new part.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grass disaster, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. grass disaster

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    my dad was helping me today and he claimed it started on fire. i think it was just smoking real bad but...anyway dry grass everywhere

    it's the center spindle
    it's been bad for a while and i ordered the part and had it on hand but i thought i got the wrong part. apparently they updated the spindle and gave it a bigger shaft. it also has a larger top pulley. the old pulley was 5.75 the new one is 6.75.

    will this make the blades spin faster with the pulley being bigger??????? i can see where it might have more grab with more of the belt in contact with the pulley.
  2. topsites

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    If the pulley is bigger then it would spin slower.

    Because MORE belt has to travel along the surface of the pulley before it turns a full revolution.
    A smaller pulley would spin faster, as in more blade rpm's.
  3. grass disaster

    grass disaster LawnSite Silver Member
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    well that's what i thought. i could tell it was a little slower. i'd like to have both pulleys. i'd like to be able to swap them if i have lots of rough mowing to do.

    i'm waiting again on the parts man to see what he comes up with. pretty soom i'm just going to get the # myself and see what the f is going on!

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