Spindles, Cutter Housing, Mandrels, Who's Good? Who's Bad?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JimQ, Dec 13, 2006.

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    Spindles, Cutter Housing, Mandrels, - Call them what you want. If they don't work, neither do we!

    Who's Good? Who's Bad?

    What do you guys like and Why.

    Sealed bearings vs. greaseable?

    Tapered vs. roller bearings?

    Material - Cast Iron vs. Aluminum?

    Does anyone make an "Indestructible Spindle"?

    Who's break?... and when they do, is it a bearing failure or structural housing failure?

    Thanks for your input Guys,
  2. jkingrph

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    My one experience with sealed bearings was not good.

    It was a Sears/Murray lawn tractor. I even tried one time to add grease fittings and removing one of the seals and keeping housing full of grease. It seemed as though I got a little more life but those small bearings, shafts and aluminum housings were not up to maintaing my 1.75 acre yard.

    Next was a Cub Cadet. Cast iron housing, tapered bearings and no problems there, just everything else.

    Next is a JD LX277 lawn tractor. I do not know what type housing or bearings but they are still good at 400+ hours.

    I just bought a Scag last spring. Iron housing, large shaft and tapered bearings were an important feature for me as I plan for this to be the last mower I buy. It should last me 20-25 years at which point I either won't be here or shall not care.

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