Spinning Lug nut and stud

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by AkRowdyA78, Jan 10, 2013.

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    During the off season I take a day or two and just tear down the trailer and replace all the bearings, clean and inspect everything wiring, lights and all, then give it a good cleaning and paint job, that usually gets me through the season with little to no trailer maint, put new tires on her last oct to. I see so many guys that their trailers look like they just came out of a war zone.
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    You need to spot weld the stud you replaced. When the stud spun in the hub it removed metal and the press fit will not be as tight and will spin again.
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    Well turns out that washer with the broken teeth on it is called a Tang washer.. Never heard of them until just now. Anyways, I picked a replacement up and put everything back together.
    Last thing I wanted to ask was when you grab the left and right or top and bottom sides of the tire, is it alright is they move a little? Not overly sloppy by any means. Just enough to hear it move a tad when you try and move it?
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    The way ive always done it is tighten till the bearing locks up then back it off till there is nice free movement and no play.

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