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scottt,<p>I used it at home for 2 years and this year I decided to use it in the comm side. Everything else I have is comm.<p>I am full time Air Force and I moved last year and the *#@$(*& movers either stole or lost my other good trimmer. (well, decent trimmer). I want a stihl or echo, not sure which one just yet.<p>As far as mowing in general this year I have only gotten enough accts. to work 3 days a week with it. I just got here so getting a good rep and accts. built up will take this year. <p>I have a friend who has been here for 12 years now and he keeps sending some my way as he gets calls. I figure next year I will be back to 40 or 50 accts. I have 20 res. and 3 comm. The 3 comm accts count for about 60% of the work. They are very large lots. 1 is 4 acres another is 5 acres and the 3 is 1/2 acres. So it's building. <p>As far as trimming, no I don't really do a lot of trimming except with the res. accts.<p><br>Thanks for the help,<p>Adam:)<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: CA Enterprises

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