Split Load dump trucks

Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by Imulchmore, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Jpocket

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    I would go with either a GMC or International, both PROVEN and time tested medium duty trucks, and the DT466 has been around for decades, as well a GMC with a small CAT.
  2. FANS

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    Call Eby Body in Blue Ball outside of Ephrata. They can build whatever you want, as long as it's aluminum. Don't have their number handy, just google them.
  3. griffin_73

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    instead of puttin a split load dump body on have ne of you ever thought of putting a multi lift system on it. cost a little more but then you have one truck that you xcan use for every possible thing and if you have more then one job goin on at a time you just drop and bin with the supply of at the site and let the crew deal with that and you move on to the next bin
  4. BrandonV

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    i think that the internationals and the fords are the same thing with different body work... both are manufactures by "bluediamond" a collaboration between ford and int. I just bought a new derated f750 great truck and the lease is a good value
  5. bishoplandscape

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    sometimes i wish my dump was a split loader but what can you do. I see no one under stands what it does but if you deliver a lot of supplies and 2 costumers want 3 yards of mulch each and there both in the same direction why would you want to make 2 trips such a wast of time and fuel. Its the difference between making a good profit or not making very much at all.

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