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Split tailgates?


LawnSite Senior Member
culpeper, va
Just wondering how many of you guys use split tailgates vs one solid piece. Mine is split and it's great at times - other times it's a pain in the b*tt - but my tailgate would be a major amount of weight to lift in one piece cause it's beefed up to handle some heavy equipment as well.

Gilla Gorilla

LawnSite Senior Member
My 6'10" tandem trailer has split reinforced gates and each gate
is heavy as hell.
I made a lift gate assist for each gate. Now allI have to do is stand off to the side and lift one up with my foot barely and catch it at the top. It works great but I am thinking about securing both gates together with a piece of angle iron, just becuase the Z stays on the back of the trailer and I am thinking of putting on a side gate just in front of the right side fender so I can load the 36 wb quickly.
I really recommed either buying a lift gate assist or searching on this site and making some on your own. It cost just around $100.00 to make both of mine and I love the hell out of them



LawnSite Bronze Member
if you dont have a lift asst the split gate is great, even if u do have on the split gate is great if you have smaller equip like a wb or push mower to take off and dont have a side gate. if all you are doing is taking off a push mower or a aerator or whatever why take down the whole gate u know?


LawnSite Platinum Member
I have a 5' split gate. The first year that I had it I put an E-Z Gate on one side. Last year I added another E-Z Gate. It doesn't take much effort to lift it up. I forgot to mention that I bolted both gates together.