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    RABBITMAN11 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Does anyone know of a company that makes smaller split tank sprayers?
    Like a 75/75 or 50/50.
  2. JB1

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  3. rcreech

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    You can build your own for 1/2 the money and acually customize it to fit your op!

    Building a sprayer is very easy. PM me your e-mail address and I can send you pics of mine if you want to see it and get some ideas.

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    I almost bought one of these last year. Best deal I've found. I was going to use 1 tank for Perimeter Pest Treatments& other for small tree/shrub. Drawback-has a roller pump instead of diaphragm, which is OK, depending on what you're going to use it for. Cost $2,500+shipping.

    Hey Rodney-I'm interested in those pics/plans. I'll PM you my email.:usflag:

    split pco.jpg
  5. JDUtah

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    You already got my e-mail, can you send the pics too me too while you are at it?


    KACYDS LawnSite Senior Member
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    Another drawback is the hand crank on the hose reel. I hope most of you guys are not using a hand crank and have an electric reel. I just cant imagine rolling up 300' of hose 8-10 times a day.:dizzy:
  7. Ric

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    Yep rcreech

    It is not hard and a lot cheaper to just add an other tank. Draw backs might be space. I have seen some very nice Fiberglass split tanks that fit like a Space saver.

    While I had a split tank set up at one time, I got away from them due to cross contamination of products. I now only run single tanks, pump and hose reel. I have 3 on my cab over and two 5 X 10 trailers with a skid sprayer on each for special jobs. In my case I have down sized from a bigger operation and have equipment left over. Therefore as a one man band I have more equipment than I really need. Fact is I still have pumps and hose reels sitting in my barn that I don't use at all. I am a collector and no desire to sell any thing right now. I keep having bad thoughts that maybe I will hire help and need that equipment.
  8. rcreech

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    I currently have a 3 tank system and adding another to make it 4 (currently adding a Three Way concentrate tank with oz meter and pump).

    I have it set up so that NO WAY can products be mixed or cross contaminated. Took me about 6 month to design (could have done much quicker, but wanted it to be close to perfect).

    It is a pretty sweet rig and is all aluminum.

    My new set up after adding the Three Way tank will include:
    4 tanks, three pumps, 2 hose reels and bulk water load for my ride on. Nice thing is...I can still haul a pallet (I usually only haul 30 bags or so as that is what I use/day) of fert and I have my ride on hanging on the back.

    My truck is a very effecient, and compact ride! :cool2:

    I have literally in 1 stop, sprayed a flowerbed, did a perimeter pest control, mole job and sprayed the lawn. This 1 stop was all in about an hour and was VERY PROFITABLE!
  9. SpreadNSpray

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    We need pics! 30 bags a day is humpin. I can only move that much fert on the days I do commercial or acreage. Are you able to just fork in a pallet to your truck?

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    Wow you sound like you have a sweet setup

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