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    Ok, not shure if you guys have the info I am looking for on this subject. Next summer when its raining or a draught is going on I figured a good way to make some extra $$ is to sell split firewood. I have 130 acres of woodland at my disposal. Walked the perimeter the other day and counted at least 300 plus blow downs. Most of them are over 20 feet in length. Up here a cord of wood cut goes for between $40.00 to $75.00. I know a lot of families up here burn firewood in the winter for heat, a ruff estimate would be 1 in every 3 households. Some burn as many as 4 cord a month. So I figured one day a week take the crew up to camp and cut up 40 or 50 logs, haul them back to base and stack them in a lean too for cruddy days. Fire up the old Heavy Duty Log Splitter and split away. Now what I put this thread up for is if any of you guys has any experiance with wood splitters and what brand has the best quality, longevity, and power for the best price.
  2. Cooper725

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    I use a plain ol' Huskee (TSC) brand 22 ton splitter. From what I gather, you are probably going to want something more on the line of a wood processor, if you plan on doing any type of volume splitting.
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    I have one that works off the tractor hydralics and love it. Northen tools use to sell them
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    Buy the best you can afford. The bigger the pump the faster the cycle time and with firewood unless you buy a processor it is tough to really make it worthwhile.
  6. olderthandirt

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    Ain't that the truth! payup
  7. Cooper725

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    Thxs for the info, mutch appreciated.
  8. CP Estates

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    I've got one of each and I've got to say that there are advantages of each. The stand alone has a Honda 10hp on it and is great at being able to be put anywhere and all you hear is the faint hum of the Honda, the tractor on the other hand has more power but you have to idle fairly high, so it's noisy.
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    I've split some cords for my own use before and the problem is it takes TIME for the hydraulics to MOVE the whatcha-macallit that splits the wood UP and DOWN. Several (more than a few) seconds per direction of travel, operating the handle with one hand while I pile the wood with my other hand, the boom is CONSTANTLY in operation, it takes 1-2 hours to split a cord and that is as fast as I could do it and it frustrates...

    It already takes an hour or so to cut ENOUGH wood to make a cord, then transport in order TO split... And that's FAST ...

    Meanwhile, no matter how well you plan it, you can pile a dozen or so BIG logs near the splitter but every 5-10 or 15 minutes you HAVE to go get more unsplit logs and this takes time as well, not to mention piling the split pieces, lest thou chuckst them in a pyramid style pile.

    Lets not forget, to deliver the wood you have to pile it in your trailer, drive to the customer's house, unload and pile it AGAIN. A FEW of them will allow you to just dump it, but more than a few will not want that... This last bit can only be relieved if you can have a 'take it or leave it' attitude.

    So then the ONLY way I can see earning any type of money in this fashion is to sell the wood in 'packages' the way some gas stations and C-stores do it, like 2.99 - 3.99 for a wrap of a few logs, you'd have to check it out but they're usually wrapped in shrink wrap which you CAN buy industrially but you need like this handle thing plus the roll, it's like 75 bucks for a good size roll with the handle so you can wrap the rolls in a hurry.
    OR you might get a big flat table, splay out a length of wrap and set the wood on top, cut off the end and wrap it up... Then repeat.

    You COULD, optionally, offer this type of wood at a discount so long the customers 'pick' it up themselves, since they can fit several of these in the trunk of a car, thou the logistics of this are variable as well, if you can offer your wraps at a LOW price (yeah i know) you would have an edge and it SHOULD be possible, say 2.49 each... ??? (this assuming price-ranges of 2.99 - 3.99, again you need to check this out as prices vary geographically).

    is my .00000002
  10. korelandscaping

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    I thought of doing the same thing years back but never got to it. Last year I split about 5 cords and the area I was working in was a complete disaster. Rather then throwing the wood to the side I stacked it neatly on pallets. I later shrunk rapped them and moved them to another location in my yard. They are still in the same spot as last year but at least they are dry and neat. I heard of a few guys selling off half cords (palletized) delivered for about 150.00.

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