Spooky Kawasaki Problem

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by The Mowerdude, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. The Mowerdude

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    My Super Z has very recently developed a problem with what seems to be the choke on the Kawi engine.

    When the engine is cold, it starts normally with a little bit of choke. It warms up quickly and runs fine. (329 hours as of today) After about 20 minutes of mowing, it starts stumbling and the only way to keep it running is by pulling out the choke. With the choke all the way out, it runs. It doesn't run very well but it will cut grass. If I park the mower and let it cool down, (half an hour or so) it'll give me about 20 minutes of mowing again before this problem comes up.

    Also, the blade engagement switch has started causing problems as well and just like the choke problem, the switch will engage fine when the mower has just been started up in the morning but once the machine warms up, the switch will NOT re-engage the blades. For example, if I start the blades and mow for a little while, then I have to get off of the machine to open a gate or something, when I get back on and pull the switch to re-engage, nothing happens.

    I'm wondering if the 2 problems are related. Any ideas?
  2. mowerconsultant

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    Sounds like 2 different problems......maybe 1...
    You need to check your fuel system, sounds like you may have something in your jets in the carb.
    Also check your air filter, and fuel filter, pull the air filter element out when it starts doing this and seee if it runs better (dont mow at this point, just see if the engine runs better)

    Your clutch may need adjusting if it is a Ogura, the air gap is adjustable on the Ogura's and from what youÂ’re describing, it may need to be adjusted.

    And, it is possible you may have a electrical issue, your voltage from your charging system may be getting low, and cause the clutch to not engage and possibly the fuel solenoid on the carb to partial close and cause your running issue.
    You need to check the voltage output on your charging system.

    I would take it to your dealer, as I believe you bought your unit in the last year ???? if so please take it to them so they can fix it, and it could be warranty anyways...

    Let me know how you make out

  3. The Mowerdude

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    It's sounds like you've run into these issues before. The airgap thing on the clutch sounds like it could really be the fix.

    And the low voltage thing could very well be both problems. I'll check the voltage TODAY!

    I would find it hard to believe that I've got some dirt or crud in the jets unless it came in from the fuel line. I've got the donelson air filter. I've been changing the filter every 60 to 100 hours but I don't know what the proper interval is supposed to be. The inside of the filter and the hose going to the carburator has always been really very clean. So I really don't want to tie into the innards of the carb unless it's a last resort.

    Yes, I do know that this is all under warranty but I've just had so much grass to cut that I haven't wanted to give my beloved Super Z up, even if for a couple of days. I was hoping that if this was simple I could fix it myself and be on my way. Of course, if I have to take it over to Steve (mechanic at Tieco) I'll be back to using my Great Dane Chariot. It's really hard to climb aboard a Chariot after you've been running a Super Z. It's like riding a moped while your Harley is in the shop. I KNOW you understand. lol.
  4. Doc Pete

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    I had the motor problem you describe. It was the main jet. I ran it out of fuel once and that's all it took. Sucked a bit of dirt layin in the bottom of the float bowl. Cleaned the jets and it runs fine. FYI, dirt from the air filter area will not effect the carb/fuel mixture (within reason) but ends of killing the rings and finally the motor.
  5. The Mowerdude

    The Mowerdude LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well, I'm really embarrassed. It turns out that my spooky problem was a clogged fuel filter. Problem solved.

    However, the clutch problem was definately an adjustment thing. Steve at Tieco adjusted it for me and it's been running like a top and cutting great too. I DO love this mower!!
  6. Doc Pete

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    So help me out. I'm very with all my Hustler WB's and SWB. Cut is great unless I'm cutting really wet grass..........and then nobody seems to be doing great. Does your stuff cut good, too??? I keep hearing how the ZTR don't cut well, but since I don't own a Hustler ZTR I have nothing to compare.
  7. imograss

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    ive got the 27 60 super z , and cant complain about the cut quality. i will agree that it cuts dry grass especially good, but the wet grass isnt a big problem for me either. now with doubles thats another story, i didnt see any great benifits with doubles.

    super z with quikchute.jpg
  8. The Mowerdude

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    I think the cut quality on my Super-Z is absolutely superb!. Granted I keep my blades sharp and balanced.

    Earlier in the year, I had some problems delivering cuts that came up to my standards. But I realized the amazing ground speed of the Z was going to take some practice getting used to and I was cutting at much too fast a speed. On my old Chariots, I was used to throwing the sticks all the way forward and whistling a tune while the mower worked it's way along. But with the Z, if I throw the sticks all the way forward it's like lighting the wick for a rocket ride. (you remember the old Road Runner cartoons when Wile E. Coyote would tie himself to a rocket to try and catch the Road Runner? That's kinda what this is like.) So I've had to practice at just slowing down.

    Other LCOs have criticized my purchase decision by stating that all that speed does no good if you can't cut at that speed. I say: "BALONEY!" That extra speed gives you the ability to cut just as fast as the yard and conditions will let you, which in many, many cases, is WAY faster than I ever cut my yards with the Chariots. For example:

    I have one residential of approximately one acre. The entire yard runs across a very slight slope. It's not enough of a slope for you to think that it would even be an issue. When I used to cut this yard with the Chariots, I always noticed that as I cut across the face of the slope, the speed of the mower would drop slightly as I subcontiously adjusted the controls to hold my line. That's because any time the mower was on anything other than the straight and level, top speed would become a compromise between forward motion and steering motion. If you have 2 hydro pumps putting out exactly the same pressure, (top speed on level ground) you'll get "x" amount of speed. The instant you back off of one of the pumps to change direction, your speed drops. Therefore, the Chariot ALWAYS slowed down at that point. Not so with the Super-Z. Now that I've had the time to practice, I find that my optimum mowing speed on the Z is quite a bit faster than the Chariot was. (Yes, the Chariot has room for improvement) But I've got so much more speed in reserve that when I get to that slope that I mentioned, I never slow down. I don't have to. I love it!!

    Without exception, having the Super-Z's extra speed has knocked amazing amounts of time off of EVERY yard. However, I'll say this again. It is a machine that requires practice to deliver that clean, gorgeous cut that we want.

    But now that we're into September and the weather is at its hottest time of year, I've discovered something new. The grass is at its hardest and toughest that it'll get throughout the year. It stands up to mowing better now than ever and I've found that I can cut many yards at full Super-Z speed and still get a beautiful cut. This is especially true for Bermuda lawns and yards that are full of crabgrass, nutsedge and other garbage. I can't speak for other areas of the country where fescue is the main grass. Yes we have fescue here, but at this time of year, the Bermuda and crabgrass invade everything like a plague. THIS MACHINE REALLY ROCKS!! It's a money maker and that's what it's all about.
  9. Doc Pete

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    I've noticed that with my SWB, too.... thought I have to settle for only 10 mph, the dry stiff summer grass really lets me run wide open, as long as the lawn is smooth.
  10. imograss

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    hey mowerdude, i see your in the nashville area as well. im in the belle meade green hills area. give me a yell sometime if youre in my area. im not hard to spot as i have a super z and a bright yellow 16' trailer.

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