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    yes have a 42" sport with a briggs motor that burns oil again. had waranty work done over winter were dealer tore engine completly apart and now its burning oil again thru fuel pump. any suggestions too what too do again please? has 215hrs on it.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    The dealer is going to have to look at this, there is no way to diagnose this over the internet.
    I would get it back to the dealer ASAP and have them do a leak down test on the engine to pin point the cause.


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    We had one burning oil and had to re shape the head on it. Briggs had cast the head wrong and was leaking air causing it to burn oil. Not a major deal but by the time the guy noticed the oil burn he had a rod knocking.
  4. TimC24

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    I also have a Sport, 48" with an Intek Briggs & Stratton that is 2 years old with only 30 hours on it. This same thing is happening to me. It just started and it is burning through oil and leaking oil from the fuel pump. In searching the internet this seems to be happening quite often. So why has there not been a recall on the engine? While I only have 30 hours on the machine I fear I am one month out of warranty. Very frustrating for a somewhat expensive machine that is touted as being commercial grade quality.
  5. hustlermidwest

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    If you still have a month under warranty I strongly suggest you bring it back to the dealer and get this oil burning documented. The fuel pump works off of Crankcase pressure and that maybe the root of your issues. Regardless I would get it looked at prior to the end of the Briggs Warranty. It's like pulling teeth if you wait until after the warranty expires.

    Brian O
  6. TimC24

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    My warranty did expire one month ago. That is why I am frustrated. For people like me who do not get a lot of use out of their mowers a two year warranty doesn't do me much good. I average about 14 hours per year.
  7. laxman3221

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    Had same issue on engine with about 50 HRs. Head gasket needed to be replaced. Seems to be a well documented problem with this engine.

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