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    I had a 36" Stander for the last three years and has been a great machine. I'm ready to upgrade to a 52" as I have a couple of commercial accounts and the larger unit will be great to free more time from mowing. Went to the local dealer and place an order for WSTX52FX730E model and was told will take 7-10 days for delivery. Got approval for financing so everything looked good. Since today was the 10th day from requesting the order, I called the dealer to check on the delivery. I was told that the manufacturer (Wright) has not provided a shipping date as many calls were placed but no response. So now I'm not a happy customer because I'm not getting the unit when I was told. Is it possible to find out what the hold up is? If you need additional information, please feel free to let me know.
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    Give us a call (301)-360-9810, the dealer has probably been talking to the distributor not us, everything we sell goes to the distributors first. With a little information we can figure out where in the pipeline the mower going to your dealer is currently.

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    I did get a call back from the dealer yesterday where the distributor gave a pending delivery date of 11/16. Thanks for your reply and if I had any other issues will let you know.

    Thanks, Joe.

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