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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by Troopers64, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Seriously, where do I start? :dizzy:

    I searched the forum and didn't find the answer to this question. What piece of equipment should I use to top dress 1 football field. It was sodded this year and is full of holes. The city top dressed it with sand once and most of the holes remain. Additionally, they left tire tracks all over the field. I plan to do it get this account.

    What piece of equipment do I use for a property that size?

    Since they just did top dressed it, should I wait till next spring when it starts growing again?

    What is a good depth to spread the material? is 1/4 too thick since it wont be used for several months?

    Lastly, I have too many questions but this is key to get me started.


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    Turfco Mete-R-Matic towed behind a small tractor, loaded by another tractor. I just did a soccer field with 25 cubic yards at approx 1/8". Then drag it in a couple directions with a heavy drag mat. You can get away with 1/4". I suggest getting some seed down before topdressing it. It will get bedded in nicely. The material you use will be important and depends on what is underneath already and, since the city already did it with sand there is probably a good rason to keep going with a material that is primarily sand. I use 75-80% sand in my mix.

    I use a machine like this. It does a great job.
  3. RD 12

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    I would wait until next summer if possible, when the grass is growing strong. I would use mason sand just to make sure you keep a lot of the trash weeds out. A cheap way we used to spread was using a lime buggy. You can get it from a feed store, for about $50.00 a day. They just don't work well if the sand is real wet.
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    What kind of turf is this? I would do a 60/40 sand and compost top dress mixed with seed, if you are sprigging do it before the top dress.

    Have you already figured it out or still need help?
    Sports turf folks use top dressers all of the time look at local golf courses, minor league fields and such that may loan you one, "you know for the kids!"

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