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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Italysfinest327, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Italysfinest327

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    Im still getting started in the lawn business and I've been recommended using a tiny bit of liquid iron with trimec while spot treating. I applied this using a 4 gallon backpack sprayer. i use 1oz of trimec per gallon of water and at first i was using 3oz of ferromec for every gallon of water. I was planning on using it while spot treating for dandelions as well as the early rounds of clover. The spots that were sprayed seemed to get an almost blackish green tint. I then lowered the rate of ferromec to 2 oz for every gallon of water. And still have the same results. Luckily i only applied this to a few houses and know not to use this again. Has anyone else seen same results while using any form of liquid iron along with a herbicide? And do you think the blackish green spots where i sprayed will diminish soon? I just don't want to get an ear full from the customers..

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    :confused:Why would you use Feromec w/broadleaf weed control? I know some grassy weed control products can cause some yellowing of the grass ...& foliar applied iron & nitrogen might compensate a bit, but you are just talking regular Trimec (3way)??
  3. Italysfinest327

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    thats the reason why i added the liquid iron to compensate for whatever yellowing may occur while the weed dies off, last year some customers complained due to "dead spots" on their lawn after spraying, even though the dead spots were the dead weeds a few days after spraying. I figured id try mixing some iron to see the results, but i think i learned my lesson.
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    Dude, forget the Iron. The customers are gonna see a dead weed and be HAPPY that you're doing your job. Don't try to mask it...
  5. greendoctor

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    Because I do not want a lawn to discolor after I have sprayed it, I will only treat a lawn after I have given it 1-2 applications of my liquid fertilizer. That way, the client sees weeds withering and drying amid a sea of very green grass. Spot spraying with Ferromec is not the intended use of that product. Besides, when you get the rate right, there will be the green dalmation effect of darker and lighter grass.
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    it's not like you are going out to treat bent fairways. Your lawns should only be slightly discolored form the weeds dying not plant injury.
  7. teeca

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    try using turf paint... personaly i wouldn't and dont care. of course there going to have dead spots where the weeds were. what you have done is made dark green spots, that cant look any better.

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