Spotty die-outs

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    I posted a thread a while back about my lawn getting a lot of spotty die-outs. My lawn is 2 years old and I used a 33% mixture or KY Blue, Red Fescue, and Rye. Now, each year there is more and more dying out. I had a soil analysis done and have applied the appropriate items. Now, I am thinking about dethatching the lawn of the dead laid over grass and overseeding with a slit-seeder. Should I stick with the same mixture of seed or should I overseed with something different? I notice when I mow lawn there are a lot of moths and bugs that fly out of the lawn. I am not sure if the bugs are killing the grass or if it is one of the three types of grass that is dying out of lack of water or what. I have about 2 acres of lawn and can't keep it all watered. Should I spray some "7" on the lawn for the bugs??? Should I overseed like I stated??? In need of some professional opinions. I would appreciate a phone call with any good ideas. I don't get to check the site often and I would like to get started on some counter-action asap. 734-320-1953 Craig
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    Please post some pictures of the damaged areas.
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    Sod webworms?

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