Spousal support and help in the biz..

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by impactlandscaping, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. impactlandscaping

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    Just curious as to how many other guys and gals out there have a spouse girlfriend/boyfriend, who has a regular job, that likes to help out in the biz on days off? My wife is an RN, makes good money(good benefits,big+) and loves to go out with us on installs and even mowing days at least once a week.She has even taken a day off to fill in on large installs. I think if it wasn't for health insurance/dental/vision insurance, she would like to be involved full time.Is that love or what? :angel:
  2. Potchkins

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    must be nice
    more power to ya!
  3. Lawn Specialties

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    I have to say I wouldn't want to be in the biz without my wife.She takes care of all the billing and book keeping as well working out doors from time to time. She has gone out with me a few times and has even learned to sharpen and change blades. She loves to be outside getting dirty. I don't ever expect to see her on a mower every day but she loves taking part in the biz and gets a kick out of learning something new.
  4. Mine helps out sometimes and takes a day off from her full time job of raiseing two twin girls and rideing around in her o i mean my escalade lol.

    Really tho id perfer that she stay home and cook that great sicilian food up.

    She got pretty good at running my exmark even laid down some mean stripes.

    When she does go out i do like it and the cilents just adore her italian accent<a href='http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb008' target='_blank'><img src='http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/26/26_4_110.gif' border=0></a>
  5. paponte

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    My wife is an RN also. She shows support any way that she can. She wouln't be caught dead doing the actual labor though. She mostly helps out in the office. :cool:
  6. Mickhippy

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    Mine washes my clothes.

    Shes good at that but bloody hopeless at anything to do with the business.
    Days after a potential customer calls, she tells me. "Oh, someone called yesterday, something about a price on a lawn." :angry: If she wasnt so perrrty, she be fired!
  7. summergrove

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    My wife is human resouce manager and audit deposit at Belk. She knows all the labor laws and is very good at keeping my books for me. She also love to help when we install annuals. I don't think I would like for her to do any more than that.
  8. olderthandirt

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    My wife use to be an RN before she retired put in 30 and left. So I gotta ?????? for you guys that are married. I've been married almost 30 yr. and I see my wife enough at home that I sure don't want her around when I'm working. I love her an all, but not 27/7, We would kill each other if we spent that much time together. I go to work to get some time away. Any one else feel this way or is it just me???
    If you been marrried less than 1 yrs. don't bother to awnser, your still on your honeymoon!

  9. TRex

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    I hear you olderthan dirt. I may be young in age but I feel chest pains to often.

    And to answer the ? I wish my wife would do something for the buisness instead of complain that she needs money for this and money for that. I would be more than happy to buy her most anything if she put some time in at desk. She just keeps saying its not her thing.
  10. bayoulawn

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    My wife is at the moment an RN but in May she will graduate with her masters in nursing and become a neonatal nurse practitioner.
    She always says she wants to go with me and learn to drive the z but it hasnt happened yet. maybe when she's only working the 6 days out of the month and pulling down those g's she'll go with me. Id rather teach her how to drive that trimmer and edger. lol

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