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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JamesW, May 7, 2019.

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    I'll add we gross right at $200k. Without my spouses income (and we do live in a modest house), but with two kids and after care and all the expenses that go along with it that $200k gross and what I can actually take as a salary is humbling. I've still got a school loan I'm paying off and a biz loan with about $10k left on it. Trucks are now pretty much paid for. One is and the second I have either one or two payments left.
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    My wife buys so much stuff from target to say. I don’t want to ramble.. you get it
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    I do. Nuff said.
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    Another thing to add here in this industry and many others..how much cash you make and don’t report, Sure it’s one number on paper :nono::rolleyes:

    Keep that in mind reading, I do.

    We’re all guilty!!
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    What’s cash?
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    If our president was able to show a huge loss for over 10 years why can't you too!
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    that's what i mean. not everyone wants to work that much. you have to base it off of a regular 40hr work week. sure you can make plenty of money doing anything if you work 60-80hrs a week. you can paint houses or do whatever. most people don't want to work that much though.

    sure anything is possible. i'm just trying to look at it from a more realistic standpoint. to me working over 40hrs a week makes anything not worth it. i'd go get a job somewhere else and have benefits too. i started a business to get away from the rat race and have more free time. if i can't do that then what's the point? i can make more money working at a factory or something like that.
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    i'm not giving exact figures just ballpark ones. i may have made slightly more than $30k but not much. my expenses change every year depending on what happens. some years i don't have a single breakdown on the mowers and other years i may have several. some years i have to buy new equipment but other years i don't buy anything at all. just the normal blades and oil changes for the most part.

    i dunno when i look at it it's like i should be in the hole every year but somehow it all works out to where i have just enough money to get through the winter time.

    this year was especially tight because i had to get a new heat a/c unit for the house plus i had to pay $1500 more in taxes even after prepaying them all year. if it wasn't for that i would have had plenty of money to get through the winter. it just seems like no matter how much you plan something always comes up to take all of your money away. i guess that's just how life goes.
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    well it's not exactly like that. the months of March, Novemeber, and December are slow but i'm still working. March the grass is just starting to grow and not everyone has started up yet. some wait until April. Nov and Dec is leaf cleanup and not everyone requires that. most of them don't so i'm still working it's just not as much as i am during the full mowing grass part of the season.

    a typical week i make $305, $215, $200, $240, and $150. something like that just for an example. it's not the same thing every day.

    nothing is consistent. it's constantly changing every day. i've had days before where i made over $400-$500 but i worked a long day. it's just not like that every day. it's hard to give an exact number.

    everything changes. i have some that get weekly service in spring then switch to bi-weekly in summer. others stay weekly all year and others stay bi-weekly all year. i have 1 customer that is every 10 days. some people have leaf cleanup all the way until January and others don't have any leaf cleanup at all.

    so based on that you can say i work a solid 8 months a year if you round it all out with having the 3 slower months.
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    I understand that you don't want to work over 40 hours, but you said making $60K solo wasn't possible. I was just pointing out that it is. I don't mind working a lot of hours when I, more or less, get 3 months off every Winter. Growing up, I worked beef cattle on our family farm, milked holsteins for a neighbor, worked at a local pizza place, and had sports and school. I've always kept busy, and still like too now. There's nothing wrong with the way either one of us approach it. Sometimes I wish I had your attitude towards the business, but it's just not in my make-up. I'll stick with the way I do it until my body says too slow down. For right now, winters is when I rest. The other nine months are about making as much money as I can.
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