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    Another question...what is a 40 hour week? Are we talking about 40 billable hours? When I was mowing solo I could cut 1 lawn per hour on average. At $60 per lawn, that means grossing $2400 if things go well in a given week. I couldn't do it because I needed to be home to meet my kids off the school bus. And I didn't have the energy to cut 40 solo anyway.

    Or are we talking about working from 9 to 5 with an hour for lunch, and an hour in the morning fooling around in the garage getting everything ready. That might amount to around 6 hours of productivity. Then take a day off for rain.

    We all have limits to endurance. And we have different levels of drive. Each person has different expectations regarding income.

    I used to have a corporate job where my manager whined about how he worked 60 hour work-weeks. He was always exhausted and complaining. However, I was usually in the office long before him, and always left after he did. I worked 40 hours max at a desk, I had it easy. He truly believed that he was a workaholic. We all thought it was funny.
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    to me the hours start when you leave the house in the morning and stop when you get back home. drive time counts as hours working even though you aren't getting paid as well as loading up equipment and changing blades or whatever. it's all part of the work we do.

    i remember when i worked at honda. i had to get there at 6am even though we didn't start until 6:30am in order to set up my paint gun or whatever. we didn't even get paid for it but that was still part of the work day to me. counting drive time to and from work i worked about 11-12hrs every day yet only got paid for 8-9hrs. kindof lame if you ask me. :laugh:

    but yeah i never stop for lunch. i just work straight through 6hrs or so every day. some days i have to sharpen blades or do oil changes or whatever so i may work longer on those days maybe 7-8hrs.

    the common thing most of the world does is work 8hrs a day with an hour for lunch such as 8am-5pm. although it's really a 9hr work day you only get paid for 8hrs because of the hour you take for lunch. that hour isn't working. it's like taking a 1 hour break.
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