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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GreenUtah, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. GreenUtah

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    Ok, haven't thought about this one in awhile, but thought I'd drag it back out and kick it around. I know that most of you who do liquid apps boot up(and if you don't, you should) but I despise the standard "ditch boot" for their sloppy fit that rubs blisters into your feet(even with inserts) and the garbage treads on them that send you down the first wet slope. The lace up styles require you to handle the laces sans gloves and get crunchy. The slip overs are totally worthless and will ruin the shoes you cover with them. So how are you dealing with the issue? How would your ideal boot be designed?

    For me, it would be a solid, one piece shoe with no openings across the front in a lighter material than the "ditch boots", slip in style, ankle high, like some of the court shoes, with some decent support inside and a removable, washable liner/insert. Light colored, to keep the sun from baking me out more than necessary in that sealed shoe, a cleated bottom, like a soccer shoe, with a decent grip and flexibility to make walking in them more comfortable. Adjustable cam buckle across the top that you could latch down or open up with your gloves on, like a ski boot, to provide additional snugness when you want it. An attached shin bib that went mid high, wrapped three quarters and attached in the back with surgical grade elastic and quick release buckles. How about you?
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  3. lawnservice

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    you put some thought into that boot, huh? :)
    you're right though,no good boot on the market today that will satisfy everyone. i use the pull over and wear sneakers underneath. the sneakers give me comfort.
  4. GregoryR

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    You always have choices, which means you have to prioritize (sp?).
    In CA strictly speaking, your waterproof foot wear cannot have any lining in them either.
    Anyway I went the comfort route this time. I got a pair of Rocky boots, I think the model is Medi something. I dont know, they are very light, waterproof, EMTs wear them Im told, they are impervious to all bodily fluids. They look nice, I dont have to change them to go into a store or bank or whatever. They are lace up so I will have to deal with that later. My feet feel fine, and after 23 years of changing in and out of rain boots, I am comfortable wearing these all the time.
  5. Garth

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    I grew up in Scotland and needless to say, my first real boots were wellies. I've no problem wearing them now.
  6. ArizPestWeed

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    I wear black Nikes , I never untie 'em .
    Just slip 'em on & go.
    I hate the idea of touching the contaminated things .
  7. goforgreen2

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    We swear by Muck boots. Nothing has compared.
  8. Green Dreams

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    Tingley is the brand I have used for the last 13 yrs or so. They also make a rubber pullover boot too. My buddy used to like them for comfort...
  9. Ric

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    I started a thread about this very thing just over a year or so ago. I don't believe I got any answers at that time. I went the Rubber pull overs route and was happy for a while. I then went with the Lesco Spray boots and put Plenty of padding in them. I have been wearing them a little more than a year now and Have no complaints at this time. BTW they are Steel toe and I wear them as a regular work Boot went not spraying.
  10. GreenUtah

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    Ric, I've worn that style of boot for what seems like forever (it's the style I refer to as a ditch boot, commonly worn on farms while handraking and mucking out stalls) I tried the shortie laceups from them(lesco) as well, but I HATE the stiffness and lack of grip on the soles of both these styles of boots, as well as how inflexible the uppers are and can anyone tell me why that needs to be black?!! I sometimes purposefully walk into the spray to get the N cooling them down! As I said, I would like a lighter, grippier(hillside lawns in the dew w/ a sticker...yeah right!) alternative that I (or my people) could bear wearing all day long. I put this up hoping that someone who works where they make boots may have a lightbulb go off..lol

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