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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ric, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. TurfWerks

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    I wear Muck boots. Worked really well for me so far.. about 1 pair a year.
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    Those do look good and they say chemical resistant uppers. Thing is you really do want to take them off before you get in your truck else you will be contaminating it. So do you really want to spend $130 for boots you can't wear all the time and get thrown in the back of the truck?
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    The chems I spray personally all pretty much say that. (I say I as I am the only lawn applicator in the biz).

    Most say to wear an chem apron, or chem overalls when mixing. When applying it seems to be just long sleeve shirts, hats, and eye protection.

    Now, when I apply, I wear Rain Pants, Gore Tex boots, a hoody over a shirt (in colder conditions) or long sleeve shirt over a short sleeve shirt (in warmer conditions), hat and safety glasses.

    When I pull off my boots, I can not smell a scent of lawn chems on my socks. Though the outer of the boots smell.

    When I pull off my hoodie, the under shirt, (long sleeve or T) always smells like chems.

    So, my argument is, your supposed to wear rubber boots, but, will the gore-tex boots still offer the same protection?

    Would be extremely nice to get away from the rubber boots, or the over-shoe rubber boots to help with foot fatigue.

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    Xtratuff boots are the best spray boots that I have ever owned
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    I use Muck boots and put a insole in them and they work very good .

    I used to put a pair of tennis shoes in a pull over boot and that wasn't to bad. But you had to leave them untied so they were lose

    Charles cue
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    I have that same problem but only after like 6 hours do they get uncomfortable. Its not like its unbearable pain or anything by any means. I just push through it.
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    Love bogs. They feel broken in right out of the box and are super comfortable. Problem is they won't make it through the season without a tear or 4. Down by where the upper part meets the bottom by the toe. 5 months is the best I've gotten and I've had three different styles. Good news is I'm on my fourth pair and have still only paid for the first ones. They are getting slower with response time with the warranty but they haven't balked yet. 100% guaranteed.
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    I wear Tingley PVC overshoes over my Merrell Hiking boots. I have heel spurs under my Achilles tendons from wearing cheap station boots on concrete floors for 10 yrs when I worked for the FD.

    I can no longer wear cheap boots...

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