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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by steve's total lawn care, Dec 29, 2005.

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    do any of you use the same tank/pump for weed control and insecticides ive been wanting to add another tank/pump unit on my 6x8 trailer for insecticides and tree spraying i thought about buying a 50 gallon tank for this and another 4 roller hypro pump cast iron instead of the silver series which i have for my weed control and a 3.5 briggs engine. I already have another hose reel with 200 ft of hose on it so thats less money i have to spend. but i have a pumptec 12 volt plunger pump in the shop off another spray rig i have it puts out 200 psi so should i use that pump or spend the money on a roller pump/engine setup any help appreciated.
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    Well I really cant comment on the types of pumps and pressures involved with tree & shrub spraying opposed to turf spraying, I use ride on machines and don't do Tree & Shrub anymore

    But i will advise you that you should never use a tank set up for Tree & Shrub spraying that you use regularly for weed control, that money you think you are saving now could cost you a whole lot more in damaged plant material and loss of customers
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    the tree/shrub tanks, pump and hose system should be completely isolated and seperate from the weed control tank. two pumps, two reels, two tanks with absolutley nothing in common except where they are riding is the safe bet. Like ns4 said, not worht risking damaging mature plants, which could be many more times worth than the extra tank setup. As far as the equipment itself, 200 psi is pretty low pressure for most tree applications, but more important is the flow rate, since time is the name of the game when spraying 1000s of feet of tree canopy. I think a minimum of 9gpm and 500 psi should be what you are looking for out of a T&S pump which will require a 5-8 hp engine to drive. That, coupled with a decent tree gun and an adequate diameter hose, will get you into most medium tree canopies.

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