spray fertilizing lawns, how do you do it, books?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by toxic man, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. toxic man

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    I have a new QAL and wanted to know where do you learn how to spray lawns? Is there any money in it? How do you learn what to put in the mix, such as pecticides and selective weed agents?

    Thanks louie
  2. Ric

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    "Western Fertilizer Handbook" by the California Fertilizer Association, is an excellent book. It is available at Amazon.com. However I will warn you that it is used as a textbook by many college programs and is technical. It explains how different fertilizer works and how to read soil samples to pick which fertilizer to use.

    You might just want to talk with your local Fertilizer dealer and use the local blend they sell for your area. You might not understand how the fertilizer works this way, but you will see it work. As a general rule, most fertilizer sales clerks don't know very much about fertilizer chemistry. They know just enough to sell it. However someone up the ladder does and selects the best blend for your area.

    Other books to look for

    "Turf Grass Management" By A.J. Turgeon
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  3. Ric

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    You might do a search here at LS and look for posts by (Myself) Ric, Timsturf, Groundskper, and Tremor. If you have any question, post in the thread that you have a question about and someone should answer it. A few years ago this forum was actually technically quite informative.
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    Hi Ric,

    I have a copy of "turfgrass management" by Turgeon published in 1980.

    I understand their might be later editions. If so have you seen earlier and later versions and if so who it be beneficial to upgrade?

    Thanks !
  5. Ric

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    I haven't seen the 1980 edition so I can't say what up grades have been added. However in todays technology 25 years is a long time. I think your book just might be a little out dated. I suggest you go to Amazon.com and order a new version.
  6. toxic man

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    thanks for the info, I have some info for you guys, the turfgrass mamagment book you refer to is and has been updated. There is a new edition for 2004
    available from Amazon.

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