spray first or cut forst?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by HOMER, Mar 13, 2002.

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    Everything I've been reading on app's has always said to apply while the weeds are actively growing, or as I understood it---before mowing. This gives more leaf volume for the herbicide to absorb into the plant. At least that's how I read it.

    Had a lady lean over her fence the other day and wanted weed control price and a mowing price. I gave her the name and number of our local company and told her she needed to call them first so they could do the application, then I would come back and mow it. She called me yesterday and said that the Chemical company wants me to mow it first so they can spray it!

    I'm confused:confused:

    They also (this is related to another thread concerning pricing) quoted her a price of $33.00 for the yard. It measures out at around 20,000 sq ft.
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    Removing old top growth to allow sunlight to the lower portions will stimulate the broadleaves to grow and to take up herbicides more readily. More surface area means little if the weeds have "hardened off" and have a static growing pattern. Not sure about the app. price. Maybe this quote was just for the front and sides?
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    Probably by the time they get there the grass would be 2 Ft tall. LOL
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    Right or wrong I like to apply about three days after we cut if applying contact or folar herbicides. Insecticide, fungusicide and fertilizer I like to apply right after we cut. Of course granules right before a rain or irrigation. What we like to do and have time to do are two different things. Therefore how long after we cut is the question.
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    Sorry I couldn't get out of bed for those prices. I want believe those high volume low margin companies will end up in trouble. I want to believe you can sell products high volume low margin. But you can't sell service that way. I tell my customers "you don't always get what you pay for, But you sure don't get more than you pay for. Quility isn't cheap."

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    If you are concerned with weed control, the best practice is to apply the herbicide inbetween cuts. You want the maximum amount of leaf tissue to be present. Then, a couple of days for the tissue to take in its normal moisture, sunlight nutrients, ect(inculding the herbicide). This mostly applies to the MCPA's and MCPP's. Dicamba will have some effect on freshly cut lawns since it is absorbed through the roots.

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