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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by yardprospraying, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. yardprospraying

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    I will start off by appologizing if this is posted somewhere else, I did several searches, and haven't found much info yet....

    I need to replace spray hose on one of our reels, we are currently using 300ft. 1/2in hose. I was curious if I could get by with 3/8in. We run 1.5-2 gal. per min. Would 3/8 supply this without much pressure drop? I think I could put 400 ft. on reel with the 3/8 opposed to 1/2. The 1/2in. gets pretty heavy toward the end of the day. I have looked at some hose here locally, but it is pvc and very stiff.

    Any suggestions on brands or places to order (online), would greatly be appreciated.
  2. LawnDawg65

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    Try them, they have 300 ft 3/8 . it will handle the pressure just fine, unless you are spraying 80ft up in trees- then u need 1/2. I feel for you trying to drag that 1/2 in hose around the corners of houses.
  3. Dallas Turf

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    With the 3/8 you are going to have to run around 25-35 psi more than you are currently to get the same flow out of the gun. The extra pressure will make your plastic spray gun start to fail and leak sooner and you will be rebuilding it more often.

    Lighter yes but i prefer the volume that can be delivered with the 1/2 inch hose, I spray at 3-4 gallons per thousand and am only running 60 - 70 psi.
    A friend of mine runs 3/8 and is running about 110 psi on his lesco unit to get through 400'.
  4. Dallas Turf

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    As far as hose suppliers, do a search for Blue Ribbon Hose, it looks like one tough hose, they sent me some samples and I am planning on respooling with it next spring. Westheffer also has a private lable 1/2 " hose from greengarde for $0.65 per ft in 300-400 ft rolls.

    You do want pvc.
  5. indyturf

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    I went to 3/8 from 1/2 a few years, its alot easier to pull the 3/8 hose and really saw no difference in spraying pressure. I was spraying low volume 1 gal per k. I ordered the hose from Westheffer, I think they have about the best price around!

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    i need the length of the 400 ft hose but u lose a lot of volume u have to walk way slower to get 2gal per k and the pressure is a lot more
  7. LawnDawg65

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    1/2 inch is for tree/shrub use, 3/8 for lawn and does just fine, been spraying in the Plano area for 20 years and always used 3/8 in. at a 2 gallon rate( which every one is using now "yellow tip" and the chemlawn spraygun holds up fine. Any questions please call Chris C&B Custom Lawns 214-732-Lawn
  8. teeca

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    i was wondering the same, i am using 400' of 1/2'' hose and it's A DRAG! (no pun intended) but i am having doughts on the volume isue.. good thread
  9. Dallas Turf

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    We have met at lesco, I am the guy with the ex-chemlawn hippo truck, to each his own but I like being able to run the green tip, I am also running .4# of N and .3# of K in my solution all summer plus micros at 3-4 gallons per thousand depending on the mix, and I have had no problems with burn as long as they get watered in the night after I spray. My spray route is running to go along with the water days for the area.

    I like the half inch because I run at a higher volume.
  10. Dallas Turf

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    Any hose supply house will have a pressure loss chart, which will give you psi lost per 100 ft of hose, based on volume of fluid being delivered. Look up 1/2 that you have now and compare it to 3/8, the numbers wont lie.

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