spray in bed liner for enclosed trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ajslands, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. ajslands

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    just wondering if any of you LCO's or others that rome this sight have put in a spray in bed liner in their enclosed trailers, i just got mine the other day and would like to put it in to help rotting from fuel spills, water, etc.. (using a roller though and not spray cans.) so its a 7x14 box trailer with an 18" vee nose on it. and i would like to keep this under 200$ so i was planning on getting herculiner from autozone...

    am i in over my head or is this do-able?

    any tips...

  2. rcslawncare

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    Should work, juts make sure to tape everything off and make it look good! $200 isn't a bad rough budget, bet you will be close. Just gotta take your time. For the Walmart bed liner stuff, I kmow a couple of guys that have it and seems to be okay.
  3. Milwaukee

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    Subscribed this thread.

    Let me know if you finish. I would like look how they work. I was consider paint F250's cab to stop rust and bed too.
  4. ajslands

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    i have a buddy that did it too and just but he did the walls too, and i am not realy that anal about it
  5. Az Gardener

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    I looked at doing it myself and just was not comfortable with the prep required and the 2-3 day dry time. I wanted a professional job and I wanted it to last. I needed my new rig on the road so I had the shop do it. It was spendy but worth it I think.

    Its been 2 years and just a few problem spots on the ramp where something came loose and banged into it in transit, chipped it and the wood. The floor and up the sides still look like new.

    My wife and I used the Hercoliner on a pop up camper top and it required very little prep and it was still a hundred bucks just for the pop up. Its about 12 x 7 with about a 9" turn down on the sides. Simple to do but took for ever to dry.
  6. GravelyGuy

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    I used Herculiner and for my next trailer I'll use black paint and sand. It's cheaper and easier to top coat once it starts to look bad. The Herculiner loses its shine in about a month and doesn't hold up that much better than paint. I wouldn't get anywhere close to a truck bed with the stuff.
  7. ajslands

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    i was reading herculiner website and it says it never comes off and healed its self "sorta say" it also said the HIGHER the humidity the faster it dries. so ill just stick a humidifier in there.
  8. crhoades68

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    I used a product by Grizzly Grip (https://www.grizzlygrip.com/index.asp). I spent $271 on my 7 x 16 trailer. I did the floor, 18" on the sides and front, and the entire ramp and extension. I applied 2 coats.

    They have a urethane additive that will reduce fading. Of course, in an enclosed trailer this should be minimal. They were very helpful with the estimate and they offer several colors. It certainly wasn't the cheapest but if I were to do the same thing with Herculiner it probably would have cost more since you can only purchase additional quantities by the quart.

    I just cleaned the floor and blew off the dust. I then taped the walls and started painting. I applied 1 coat and then applied the 2nd coat roughly the same time the next day. I then waited 72 hours before loading my equipment. I took 5 days (prior to season start) but according to their instructions the process could take less than 3 1/2 days including the final drying period.

    I will try to post some pictures in the next couple of days.
  9. ajslands

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    I just finished, just have to do the tailgate one more time! But only spent 180 total Iam gonna do the walls some other time, like this weekend.
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