Spray in bedliners


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Seymour Indiana
I have been thinking about having a spray in bedliner installed. Do anyof you have one? Does it keep your tools from rollin around alot??? What knd of price did you pay? Pros/Cons?...Thanks

mdb landscaping

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Glastonbury, CT
eggy- these are the best things ever. i highly recommend you putting one in. if you have an older truck you can take a dented up bed and make it like new. we have a 2000 chevy z71 and a 1998 chevy z71 with them in it. we also put one in our dump trailer. the trailer gets dinged up, but the material doesnt scratch or anything. all the material dumps clean. its ten times better than a throw in liner. spray in bed liners dont blow out, they look good, and they actually do an awesome job of preventing damage to the bed. i give them two thumbs up and recommend them. also nothing slides around at all. with the plastic bed liners, stuff flys everywhere. we can put pallets on them full of stuff and they dont move. even my back pack and line trimmer dont go anywhere.


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eggy: I agree with mdb landscaping. I recommend the spray in bedliner. I had it done when I bought my 2000 Ford
F-250. One of the best investments I made. I believe I paid somewhere around $300-$400. It has a life time guarantee, if it chips or peels - he resprays the bed. I have had no problem with things sliding around unless I brake hard and come to a fast stop. The liner holds up real good, still looks new.


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I just bought a new chevy 350 Silverado this yr and it has a plastic bedliner, things slid so bad i put a no slip sponge laydown in it and have had no problems.Most all my equipment stays on the trailer, on my toolbox on the truck. But ive seen those Rhino spray liners and there very nice,no worries about rust with them. And everything stays where you put it. My truck came with the liner or i would go with the Rhino spray. Marks Mowing Service

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