spray it or spread it?

Bryan McMullen

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I was thinking of buying a sprayer for weed control this year,I was wondering what kind of sprayers you guys reccomend,where I can find them and the chemicals you use for weeds and how well they worked.


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N.E. Wisconsin
Bryan, I'm not the pesticide police or anything and I certainly don't know the laws in your state but are you a licensed pesticide applicator? If you are thats great but if not this is your first step.

I personally am evaluating tank setups for spraying herbicide also. I have a granular program that I use for Pre-Em and Fert. There are also other things to take into account like increased insurance requirements for spraying. This site has many experts on Fert and Pesticides and a few already responded (present company excluded). Good Luck.


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Lesco came out new this year with a 200gal side mount for a pickup has a kaw motor fits infront of the wheelwells, look at that unit.Hope you are licensed if so very effective weed control is MOMENTUM a 24d product from lesco


Last season I used Snapshot (a little pricey) and Ronstar for pre emergent weed control in landscape beds.

Ronstar is an "over the top" spray, but I am not familiar enough with particular plant species to go spraying the stuff like a wild man. Also, the treated area is supposed to be irrigated to remove the residue from plant material. Again, not all of these areas are accesable with water and even if they were, it is a big waste of time.

Watering in Snapshot is a pain and it seems when I am ready to apply, there is no rain in sight. Also, the PBI Gordon granular spreader I bought from Lesco is junk (breakable plastic tube) and seems like a really innefficient method of spreading material, but that was what was available at the time.

Is there a pre emergent out there that is easier to use? I buy chemicals from Lesco, but don't like being limited to ONLY the brands they choose to sell.

Is there a pre-emergent weed control product that is safe to spray on ornamentals, both woody and herbacious and quicker than spraying around plants, even in beds where that is an option? Otherwise, granular apps would be the only option for beds with high planting density and little or no exposed bed area.

Again, I am looking for something that doesn't need watered in and won't harm ornamentals if it is sprayed on them. Am I dreaming, or is there such a product that is effective???

I hear others talking of making over $100 per hour doing liquid apps and know that they are obviously using different methods since I am fairly confident my pricing isn't what hinders me from hitting the $100/hr mark.