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Spray job done - Vacation time is here!

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Vacation starts tomorrow, going to Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland for almost a week. Look forward to it every year! Watersking, eating, horse back riding, eating, golf, eating, relaxing, and of course dining out!

Finished up a big spraying job yesterday - sprayed 1800 gallons of Sahara and about 800 gallons of RoundUp over the last three weeks. I only sprayed about a half day each time because I had other things to do, but glad it's over.
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I also get a couple vacations this year.....first time in the last 4 years. In 2 weeks headed to the Wyoming mountains for a week, then 3 weeks later it's off to Table Rock for 3 nights of women and drinking on a house boat......bachelor party!!!!

Must be nice to take a vacation during the cutting season but if you can then go for it. Have a great time.

Love Deep Creek Lake man. went every year till i bought my moms place on the bay. McClives is a great place to eat. Stay away from the Point and is Johnny from the bait house still alive? ahh, the memories.Enjoy
How much money do you make while on vacation?
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