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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tobyspur, Aug 7, 2006.

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    I have big factory I mow for with lots of buildings that are surrounded by gravel but has grass and weeds grow up from time to time.The head of maintence is my friend he knows I help my dad farm and have a chemical card with spraying liscense, he also has the place sprayed by a place out of nashville 2 hours away and they only get to get up there to spray twice a year. Dont do a very good job. He asked me if I would start doing it, I said sure. I would like to know how to charge on such a large area. I guess buy a 1gallon of round up which is $30 from my dad charge them $40 treats 85.5 gal of water, and also get 2.5 gal of LV4 (2-4d) treats 85 gal of water cost 60 bill them 70, this should last all season. each spray will take around 30 gal of water/ chem mix. How would u guys charge buy the hour or some other way. Thanks for any input
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    well, I hope your "chemical card" covered measurements in area, not in dilution. I'm also wondering why you think a roundup and 2,4-D combo is going to keep gravel clear for a year. Most bid on sq. ft. knowing their chemical cost on area and time with the equipment you have. If you can't do that, don't bid it.
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    usually there are a number of different licences yours sounds like a private app
    it may not be the same as a comercial app. check with your ag extention.
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    You need to do alot of studying and learning about herbicide applications..

    No one anywhere is going to do a job like that for that little profit.

    People usuallly charge based on $ or cents per square feet.
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    ...And I would DEFinitely check into the difference between agricultural and commercial application licensing. They are two COMPLETELY different things. For agricultural, it may not even require a license...just certification FOR AGRICULTURAL. As soon as you start getting into commercial application, there are different categories, and usually insurance and licensing ways into it. It is for the above comments that these laws exist. look up your states Dept of Ag. website and check intp this. Do NOT mistake a certification for a license.
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    Everyone needs to chill on the ag cards good grief. Its some roundup and a hand sprayer folks. The kid farms...Im sure he knows at least how to mix and apply.

    Hey Im all for knowing what you're doing and I dont need every tom dick and harry out there flying chems around but you guys seriously ovver react when some lawn guy wants to control a few weeds every so often.

    Ya know?

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