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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by WBuster, Aug 7, 2012.

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    So ive been reading several posts about spray pressure. Just curious how you guys get such low pressures to workout for you? :confused:
    Ive used a Hypro D30 for years with a lesco ChemGun and 3/8's hose... Always been set at around 200 psi.... Ofcoarse with the trigger open its more like 140. And i always get a consistent 1.5 gals per 1000.... So this obviously works for me just curious how you guys get the low pressures to work?
    Are you guys using 12 volt diaphram pumps from shurflo and flojet with 1/2 hose? Thats the only way i could see getting away with low pressure.
    Thats my ramble for the day.....

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    I run a D30 pump 3/8 hose and when the triger is pulled it runs about 50 lbs.
    At 200 lbs the chem lawn gun leaks.

    I also have some 12 volt pumps that i use and there's not enough flow for chem lawn gun . I Just use a boom or a hand wand may be a better pump would work.

    Charles Cue

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