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I just got my new Lesco sprayer for my truck. I plan on using it mainly for broadleaf spraying and I dont have a clue on what to charge. Its included with my annual contracts but I do some "per mows" and am not sure what the going rate would be. I gave a quote today of 50.00 for around 5,000 sq ft that really just needed allot of spot spraying. Does that quote sound close??


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Aleman, I ussually dont like getting involved in "how to price' posts. But since noone has answered you, here goes....

You really need to know your market. You might get 100 different guys in here giving you different prices because we are all in differnt markets.

So, how can you find what your market will bare for pricing? You might want to ask someone with the large national companies. I'm sure you see them around, just stop and ask what they charge for X sf. And, every time you see a truck, whether it be a national company or local, ask them. You'll most likely get a range of prices. Now figure your price. Keep in mind what the compition is charging, but you must know your numbers as well.

How much does the product cost you to apply per 1000sf?

How much time is involved, time to drive there, time there, time to drive away from there?

What is your overhead costs? How much do you need to charge to break even, how much do you want (or need) to add on as profit?

It aint as easy as just asking how much to charge.

And let me add this, its been my experience that guys who do a full service (like it sounds you do) often charge to way to much or way to little.

Now I'll tell you what we charge for 5,000sf.- $42.50 for a fert/weed control application

good luck

James Cormier

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I agree with tsm, one more step is have your ,

"mother,brother,uncle, buddy or anyone with a lawn that your friends with"

call all the big guys in your area for a estimate. Try to do several different size properties to get a good idea on what they charge and what they do. Or you can even call "trulawndoc" to give you a estimate on treating your lawns for you.