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    I know some folks charge $5-$8 per 1000 and depending on geographical area.
    Some charge $7 the first 6,000ft2 and then $3.99 every 1000 after that. My question is when do you start applying discounts and how much. For instance, do you discount at 1/2 an acre or 1 acre.
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    Everyone has a different business model and price structure. Some folks will probably say I'm nuts, but my pricing stays flat across the board for turf. My overhead and material cost remain the same regardless if its 3 or 43k.

    First I do not attempt to compete with the big guys ever. I sell my business on being a professional and providing excellent service and results. I also feel I should be paid well for the work I do.

    I market and focus on lots a half acre or less, although I have several 2 acres plus customers. I do hit some resistance on larger properties with price occasionally. My key to gaining these customers is to "SWEETEN UP THE DEAL".Overall I have a excellent closing rate and rarely have folks try do bring me down on my prices although I am not the cheapest.

    How do I do it? When I give my initial estimate I also have paperwork for additional services with prices listed. Example $39.00 for crack and crevice weed control each service. So $39.00 x 4 times a year=$156.00. My cost probably $6.00 material for the year. I would treat the weeds at each service no extra travel and takes 5 minutes to do.

    When company " X " gives a estimate that shows I am $100 higher for the year. I "DO NOT BUDGE ON PRICE" however I tell the prospective customer, what I can do is throw in the curb, side walk weed control free. So your getting and valuable extra service and $56.00 off. Its kinda a loss leader, but I really didn't loose much.

    I generally do well by offering something of value, that cost me little to gain the sale while keeping my prices flat no matter the size. In some markets this may never fly. A large percentage of my estimates come through my referral program, so people called with good reasoning behind it.

    My math shows me when you use declining price structures with constant overhead and materials you make less on a big lawn than a small lawn.

    I don't agree with that model because my goal is to profit and grow.

    Good Luck
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    Turfnut is right. Always know your costs to do the job. Big lawns require just as much fertilizer per 1000 sqft as small lawns. And the labor is about the same per 1000 sqft, (say 1000 sqft per minute). So the only reason to discount a big lawn is there is a slight saving on trip cost--only one trip. And only one stamp to send the bill.
    A big company in my area 2 years ago charged $22 for the trip and overhead cost...and then charged $6 per each 1000 sqft. However their salesmen sometimes under measured their lawns.
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    I'm like a plumber.....the customer pays me an amount to get to their property and then a flat rate per thousand for work performed. Matt
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