spray tank on Z mower????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jestermg, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. jestermg

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    I own 2 gravely zero turning mowers. I would like to have the ability to put a 15-20 gallon spray tank on these. The thing is I dont want to leave them on....so I need a removeable type system.

    Any info or anyplace on the web that I could get an idea about this or purchase one please let me know.

  2. pcnservices

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    Here are 2 pics of a 15 gallon spray tank with a 4 foot spray boom. I got the tank from TSC. I took the spray gun off and connected it to the spray boom I made up myself.
    I installed a push/pull toggle switch next to my PTO switch. This is the only permanent installation. The tank and spray boom comes off when I'm done with my applications. All I do is connect the crocodile clamps to the battery and the other end connects to the pump.
    The whole outfit cost me $152.
    This works perfect and with the maneuverability of the Z it makes spraying a joyride!

  3. pcnservices

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    here's thetank mounted on the foot plate of the mower and secured with ratched tie downs.

  4. EastTnLC

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  5. Sooners

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    I just bought a 25 gal tank from TSC and put it on a shop made trailer with lawnmower tires. Built a 10' boom and can spray a path 13' wide. I made a hitch for my Lazer. I also pull dump carts and fert. spreader. That way I just hook-up and go.
  6. anteater6788

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    Is anybody using a mounted sprayer like that to spray edges while you mow? I was thinking of making a sprayer like that that will have a nozzle behind the left rear tire so I could spray roundup along fences and round buildings while I mow. Tee Jet makes nozzles that produce only half of a fan pattern so the nozzle could be mounted inside the edge of the deck yet spray most of it's pattern out past the deck. Currently I am using a hand sprayer but it is slow and not very accurate.
  7. Mgardner

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    JRCO is the unit I have my eye on. 11` boom , 30gal. 3.5 gas motor. Anteater , I grew up in Batavia, Ia. Yee Haah !

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