Spray truck for sale?

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Kricketlawn, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Kricketlawn

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    Hello I am looking for a spray truck . Isuzu style preferred but any flatbed set up is fine as long as it is in good shape and tank is big enough . Any help would be appreciated . Thanks
  2. Bunton Guy

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  3. kswiney

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  4. GrassManKzoo

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  5. kswiney

    kswiney LawnSite Member
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    I'm sure I will Humvees sell for upwards of 22k with no spray equipment.
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  6. desigscapes1980

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    I have one $16,500.00 Graham Spray 110/290 split tank new last season GMC Cabover 2003 75,000 Miles gas. Spray tank and pump is off of truck at the moment next few weeks reinstalled due to cold temps.
  7. Thelawnmonster

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    lehman lawn care complete setup with side boxes for an 8' bed or take the truck with it. can fit 20 bags in the side box without the reel and 16 in the one with. sprayer is a 200/70 gallon split tank with hypro d-30 and a honda motor. looking for $6500 on just the bed system its over 10k new or 10 for the truck and sprayer setup

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  8. bucket truck man

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    Hey my name is Mike and i have 2003 ISUZU FRR spray truck for sale,if you still interested please call or text me at 3154479525 for more info and pictures.Thanks
  9. Srtclimber

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    Are you still looking for a truck? If so lmk
  10. grassmasterswilson

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    Bump this to top. I’d be interested in something to run with my ride on unit. Graham spray equipment/reel fleet type truck.

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