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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by cvlm, Jun 18, 2006.

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    Any of you vets only using backpack sprayers and fert spreaders or is this possible so far all of my business has been small to medium residential with 2000 to 5500 sq feet of turf for the bigger one i have been using my motorized 4gal maruyama backpack sprayer. Also if this is possible to do business without a skid unit for awhile how many regular backpacks do you think i will need and how about a source or ideas for clean water supply thanks for any help you can give me yes i am lic just a newbie taking it slow and trying to do think right and by the book thanks.
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    if most of my lawns were 2K-5K i would do a total liquid application, and have the best looking lawns in the service area (not to mention you could knock them out quicker then doing them w/ a push spreader). but back to your question, i use a backpack sprayer to spot spray lawns in the summer months. you can get some serious sqft coverage out of a backpack, upwards of 16K out of a 4gal backpack, though i dont go that hot, i run about 8K out of a 4gal. also you can purchase a sprayer set up for your spreader from permagreen ( www.permagreen.com ) and it does not effect the capsity of the spreader. for fresh water you can buy a polly tank w/ just about any gallonage you want and fill from it.
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    I agree with teeca, spraying is faster but you could plop any size tank you want in your truck and gravity feed to a backpack for a water source.(no pump, just a valve to open and shut) I also do not like running backpack mixes that hot(1/4 gal per 1000) especially in the summer time. If you'd like to look at something in between, northern tools has a full line of electric pump driven small sprayers, which would work fine for weed controls with a couple hundred feet of hose and a manual reel(much cheaper than a actual skid setup, but not really meant for full mixing)
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    We run 5 apps. 1st = dry. 2 , 3 , 5 = dry + spot spray ( on most lawns 10K - 30K, we use Permagreen "ride-on's" >> on BIG lawns, we use a LESCO Z-two sprayer/spreader).
    New customers with weedy lawns = dry + liquid (a double app to clean it up right away).
    Our 4th app (early fall) = liquid fert + BWC.
    [bluegrass lawns in upper Midwest]

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