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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Erdye, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Erdye

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    I have been in the lawn care industry for the last 8yrs. And next year I am going to be launching a new service that has really grown alot in the last few years in my area. I am going to be spraying for pest. Primarily Spiders!!! I was wondering if anyone has a tank sprayer set-up that they have, or have used that they like? dislike? Why? And any comments on what type on pump system I should have? What I should look for in a sprayer set-up? I see them advertised all over the net but just wondering what everyone else uses? Why
    ? THanks in Advance...
  2. indyturf

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    I just use a backpack sprayer. it only takes a couple gallons to do a perimeter spray around a house.
  3. Erdye

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    I am going to be spraying 100'sof homes and industrial parks. I am looking for a truck mount system 65 -100 gallons at a time???
  4. teeca

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    i agree w/ indy turf, and add a 100gal poly tank to fill your back pack up. or you can get a 200gal tank from lesco w/400' of 3/8 hose. the problem is that you might end up not using all the insecticide in the tank, and insecticides, unlike herbicides should not be left overnight in the tank due to setteling and the rapid breakdown of the chemical. if your doing industrial sites, are they going to let you drive on the grass and spray the extirer? what about the interier? you will need a backpack either way you go, and it's an easiy and cheap way to start.
  5. Chris@CRU

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    Pesticides break down at the same rate if tank mixed, or applied to a surface. The rate of decay is in relation to UV light and moisture. Mixed, they are not going to break down. If you are mixing in bulk, check your local laws regarding the amount of mixed pesticide is legal to travel with.
    The above link will help you find those answers. As far as the tank, I have treated thousands of homes using a 100 gallon tank (fiberglass) as poly tanks look unsightly, unprofessional in my opinion, and tend to allow herbicides to etch into them, causing contamination, with a twin piston Hypro pump mated to a 5.5 horse Honda engine. 200' of 3/8 or 1/2 hose, you can reach just about anywhere. Mine was truck mounted in Isuzu's or S10's. Check with Univar, Leesco, Really Innovations, Neelco, to name a few.

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