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Spray Truck?

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I am thinking About A larger truck. Does anyone Know where to find used spray trucks like the large National company's use?
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I was thinking about buying a used 4700 International. Right now I use a trailer with a 500 and a 125 gal tankes. WHAT TO DO??
Thank you all for the help. If you have anyother thought's please post them I am open to all leads.

Slade Thompson
Thompson Lawn Care Inc.
Well the leads have helped....Monday I flew into Dallas and found the truck I was looking for. Mike is getting it ready for me to pick it up in a few weeks. It is a 95 IHC with 125000 miles. The hard part is to find one with A\C that is not from Fla. they are rust buckets. So think you all for the help. I well keep everyone updated. And get some pic's on here where I get it.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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