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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Proscape_inc, Feb 4, 2006.

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    We are a landscape maintenance company we currently manage approximatly 2,500,000.00 sq ft of turf with our applications. we try to do around 300,000 sq ft per day. For us to adequatly spot spray fungicide as necessary what size tank is recommended. We use a perma green supreme to fert and spray broadleaf. Any help appreaciated.
  2. green_mark

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    What is your gallons per 1,000?

    Once you have that number simply multiply into the sq ft treated each day and you know the size tank you require.
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    Have you considered using the permagreen to spot spray the fungicide? You can narrow down which fungicides can be sprayed through the system (liquid concentrates) by reading their labels and comparing them to the gallons per thousand applied by the permagreen. Then set up a trial run to see if you like the results. If you are not crazy about using the permagreen, the pick up a 200 gallon space saver sprayer down at Lesco. That will be plenty big enough, you can use DG formulations and you can use a 4 gpm nozzle.
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    i use a PG as well, i carry a backpack sprayer w/ me. most fungicides require a min of 2gal per k, and the backpack works good for small areas at a minimal cost. i was talking to the z-spray people and they offer a great option to their riders, you can substatute an 8gal tank for 1 of the fert bag holders and load it with anything you wish to spot treat with! a great idea, but i haven't got to the point where i can justify the z-spray yet.

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