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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by drugrep, May 25, 2009.

  1. drugrep

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    I want to buy a decent sprayer that I don't have to pump. My yard is about 8,000 sq ft and I spray Chelated Iron and Molasses. I also have a 10,000 sq ft vacant lot I spray for weeds.

    Any suggestions? Home Depot has a 4 gallon backpack by Roundup for $90 and a 4 gallon backpack by RL Flo-Master for $80. I don't mind spending a little more but don't want to get crazy either. I'm happy with the results from my $40 Scott's Broadcast spreader.

    I wasn't real happy with the look of the quality of the wands on the 2 I saw at Home Depot. Looked like the cheap crap that's on my 2 gallon pump up, but they weren't open, I was just looking a box picture.

    I know you pros have some nice setups, but I don't want to spend what you commercials guys do just to spray my yard, but I don't want a piece of crap either.

    Thanks in advance for suggestions.
  2. foreplease

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    I suggest a 25 gallon tow behind unit. They use a 12 volt pump you can wire (through a switch) to your lawn tractor battery. Many come with a small boom, typically 3 nozzle set up plus a short hose and spary wand. Easy to calibrate. I have one (not my main sprayer) it puts down 1.15 gallons per M so I can cover 11,000 sqaure feet in two directions on one tank load. Takes practically no power to pull. You can probably find one for $350, maybe $400.
  3. drugrep

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    I appreciate the reply, no tractor, this is just for my personal yard. That is far more than I'm looking for.
  4. Think Green

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    A lawn of your size would benefit with some smaller tow behind unit as described above. The thing you didn't mention is if you have a riding mower!! If you don't then it will be another expense!
    Those backpack sprayers at either of those giant corporations are no better than the one's at our co-ops and professional suppliers locally. The problems lie with the wand handles----they are compression type connectors and do burst with the 45 psi pressure that the tank makes (cheap--overpriced stuff these days). The tanks and pistons are pretty non-destructible if taken care of. You will need to augment the handle with fittings and nibs. Don't forget the clamps. If you have privey to a co-op of any type look for another brand of wand....TSC sells one that is pretty universal and they can match it to a backpack.
    I have mine calibrated to 1 gallon per M. This is with a cone nozzle........so my 4 gallon pack will cover 4M. This is with a speed of 3-4 mph and even swath. I would suggest that if you use these types of applicator's then don't use anything powdery in there. You can't really agitate really well, unless you are willing to do the shimmy shake quite often to keep it stirred.
  5. drugrep

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    Think Green,

    I just sent you a PM, but thought I'd mention this here for others.

    No, I don't have a riding mower. I just want a respectable sprayer with a good quality wand.

    Like I said above, I spray Fertilome Chelated Iron, I think it's 16 oz per gallon.

    I spray Molasses at 3 or 4 oz per gallon.

    And I spray on my vacant lot whatever 2-4D at whatever suggested mix is.

    The molasses, I have to shake in tank to help it dilute in the water. So thick and heavy.

    If the sprayer can handle it, I could see myself diluting 5 pounds of Sugar in 4 gallons and spraying that. Sugar is soluble so if I let it sit long enough, it will dilute without agitation.

    I've done this with a 2 gallon pump up style for years, I'm just trying to upgrade a little. No more pumping and a good wand as affordable as I can do it.
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  6. foreplease

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    My second choice for your appliation would be a good quality hose-end sprayer. If it was my project, I would experiment with it using just water on dry pavement or concrete at the largest setting. Figure out how much area you can cover with one cannister. It will not be apprciably different for liquid weed killer. Chelated Iron and probably molasses (have never used that) will likely be thicker and take longer (more square footage covered) to empty the cannister.

    Very inexpensive and I like that better than hauling a back pack sprayer around as much area as you have. I think you can quickly learn to get better coverage than the back pack will do too - and with less trouble.

    Edit: just saw your post above. Not sure my second idea will work given this new information. Never used sugar either. Can it be applied dry?
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  7. drugrep

    drugrep LawnSite Member
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    No access to water hose at vacant lot. I've just been reading about SP Systems sprays, the SP2 looks good unless I get other suggestions.


    Yeah I like sugar at 5 pounds per 1,000 sq ft or so doing it dry. Just hard to spread so I thought about spraying it.

    I don't feel there is enough carbohydrate in Molasses, so I prefer sugar to feed microbes, but dry it's hard to spread evenly over 8,000 sq ft, that's why I spray the molasses every 2 months or so when I put down the chelated Iron.
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  8. hmartin

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    The SP2 is very good. You can buy a 2, 3, of 4 nozzle boom for the SP2 and save alot of time. I have a 4 nozzle boom on a SP2 and cover 80 inches in one pass. With a boom, you'll get a smooth consistent application with much less trouble.

    Solo sprayers are great also.


    You might want to search this forum for a discussion of battery powered backpack sprayers.
  9. ArizPestWeed

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    Ditto to SP type.
    Solo's suck
  10. mngrassguy

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    Northern Tool sells the Greenskeeper backpack sprayers or you could try these guys http://www.lesco.com and see if they have a location near you

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