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    I am in the middle of buying or building a skid /spot sprayer . Thinking of a 40 to 50 gallon sprayer ,that is an electric pump .

    So my question is I will be using 3/8 hose and will have about 200 to 300 feet of hose . I talked to one supplier and they suggested 4 to 5 gpm .

    So wondering if someone could give me a simple answer . I found some threads and they discussed so much loss per 50 feet .

    Also bypass agitation, where the pump is constantly running if on which cycles the tank . I agree this is a great option. But wound that be necessary ?

    Thank you for any input :)
  2. Digitaria Sanguinalis

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    What are you spraying for? 40-50 gallons seems very small. Pesticides only I'd guess
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    Yes this is small , will agree . At the moment I am spraying roundup for gravel . I have one account that has four properties ,that i spray at the moment . Currently I am using a back pack sprayer , that is four gallons . When I have been going out I spray 12 to 16 gallons per location .
    This involves me having to refill my sprayer lots .

    SO deciding on what to go with ,
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    Simple thing is to get a gas-powered 200 gal sprayer. The plastic tank is the cheapest part. Larger tank is easy--you don't need to fill it all the way.
    Your suspicions are correct--you lose a percentage of your gpm flow and pressure for each hundred feet--as you go with longer thinner hose.
    Pump flows are sometime advertised as the gallons per minute you get with no hose--and that is downhill--with a tail wind. No way will you get anywhere near 4 to 5 gallons per minute. One gal per minute is more likely.

    You need some agitation for most liquid products--but not constant agitation. And that would kill your battery quickly, right?
  5. Bluesv6

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    I agree and hear what your saying , I feel a gas option may be better . However it is for a small account, Its hard to justify the added expense . As of right now I am just using a backpack sprayer . I can be more productive with a actual sprayer of some kind.

    Will see what I can come up, I do like the idea of the gas . Thanks for responding.

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    I use a 7 gmp 12 volt pump 300 ft of 3/8 hose and i dont relay like it compared to my gas sprayers. you might want to look in to a pump tech pump they might be better. and i use a chem lawn type gun
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    Pump tech ? Are you talking electric pump? Or gas
  8. ted putnam

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    If you're using a hand pump backpack sprayer...The first thing you could do to greatly improve your efficiency would be to go with an electric backpack.
    That would be something to consider and your cheapest way by far to increase productivity.

    Agitation isn't completely necessary depending on the products used. Many L formulations wouldn't necessarily need to have constant agitation depending on the viscosity of the product. WP's and WDG's should definitely need to have constant agitation to remain in suspension and would really need a gas powered pump to make that happen properly IMO. Your R-Up type products could probably get by with a 5 minute hose/tank recirculation to stir things up before use. On the other hand, 5lbs of Mojave for bare ground is going to need constant agitation to remain in suspension while applying. I know...many varaiables
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    Thanks for the insight , I looked at the electric ones but no one had stock and had to buy a back pack sprayer. I might invest in just a good back sprayer. I did a spray tonight and was 50 minutes to spray a sack of gravel. I have about a $ 1000.00 budget for a decent sprayer. But finding a decent one for that price is pretty much impossible .

    The spraying I'm doing is four properties then four times a year . So 16 treatments hard to justify 2500 and up for a decent gas model
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