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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by hoylebros, Sep 17, 2009.

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    I finally got my applicator's license over the summer,and I am wanting to possibly get a small skid sprayer that won't break the bank. How do you guys feel about larger 12v sprayers? Waste of money or a good place to start? Here is a link to some I was looking at, Thanks guys!

  2. KES

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    My 2 cents:
    Personally I would not go with a 12v system to spray yards. On yards I treat I sometimes pull out 300' of hose. I do not believe a 12v system would push your mix through that much hose with any consistency.
    Last year I was looking for a used spray rig and found several on ebay for $1500. Get a spreader and start off putting dry pre emergent out and as your business grows set aside money to buy a spray rig.

  3. foreplease

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    Congratulations on getting your applicator's license.

    Using your phrase, I think the 12v skid sprayer would be a waste of money in that a year later (probably less) you could well be where you are now: in need of a sprayer. As a tow behind with small boom - which I am not recommending - it might be appropriate and hold up for years if well cared for. It is asking an awful lot for a 12v motor to push through 200'-300' of hose with any kind of consistent volume.

    KES's idea was pretty good. Another thing you could try is line up a few customers for next year and offer them a big discount if they pay upfront, financing your sprayer for you.

    Good luck. You will be far better off finding something you have confidence in rather than something that lets you breathe easier if it gets through another job. At least you are dealing somewhat from a position of strength with your new license and have quite a bit of time to figure this out.
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    thanks for the replies. thats pretty much what i figured, probably going to be burning up craigslist and ebay this winter to find a deal on a gas powered unit!

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