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    If you have a license, then you know this is next to useless to make money with commercially. Check the specifications. It is okay for personal use around the house.
  3. chefdrp

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    no i dont have a lic and i dont need a lic to do my own lawn. All i askes if it was any good.
  4. twwlawn

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    I have one of those sprayers, but a different brand I got from Northern Tool many years ago. The spray boom and hose with hand gun works well for me. I spray compost tea on just about everything. I have had no problems with my sprayer. I am not into the spraying business and use mine for my yard only. I can not compare this sprayer with any others. However, I am going to by a ZTR tow-behind sprayer from Northern Tool, item #268198. I have a friend that got one couple of weeks ago and say's it does really well. He sprays compost tea also, no chemicals. Hope this helps.
  5. BryPaulD

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    what is compost tea?? I'm assuming the juice from a compost pile?? Thanks
  6. twwlawn

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    I don't use juice from composting. I have brewing systems that I got from www.soilsoup.com and I make 25 gallon patches. Go to their site and you will find great information about compost tea.
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    Home owner model, if your gonna spray you lawn a few times a year, then it will work fine. Other wise a POS
  8. cantoo

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    I use one of these POS's when building front mount sprayers. I do a lot of spraying with them do a search on my user name or sprayers and you will find pictures. There are several different pumps used on these make sure you get the bigger one the little one is too small and will not last. I only use the pump and tanks for my sprayers, I use the tires to make small trailers to sell to recoup some money. It's cheaper to buy the complete unit on sale then to buy the individual pieces at regular price. I have a few customers who use them to spray water on flowers during dry times, they work good for that. Even though you are a scrub for not buying a couple of thousand dollar commercial unit at least you can spray with it. :rolleyes:
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    A company by the name of Oldham chemical produces a similar product with various attachments and alternative setups. I believe the only big difference between TSC, and Oldham will be the 12V pump. Generally this will have a higher GPM and/or Pressure. The tanks look identical to each other, so I expect the pumps to be different. For home use I think you can't go wrong, as all the parts are replaceable.

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