Sprayers for herbicide control

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mattingly, Apr 11, 2000.

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    Not so sure about the "hose-end sprayer" idea. You would need a lot of garden hose and even more water pressure to reach a property of that size. I would stick with the backpack sprayer for both the broadleaf and veg. kill app's. The rinsing for getting the Roundup out of the tank is no big deal. Just run clean water through the tank 2-3 times and after, use a product like Lescol to clean up any possible residue. Spray all of the rinse tanks on the property you are trying to kill (thus avoiding any tree-hugger-liberal-save-the-planet issues). Residue should be no problem since it requires a fairly large concentration of Roundup to do the job (min. of 3oz/gal)
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    Go to Home Cheapo and get yourself a Solo backpack to spray your 1 1/2 acre property. You will pay for it from the profit you get spraying the Roundup. Around here the going price for spraying roundup on yards is .02 per sq ft. You can use the backpack for all your spraying needs if you properly maintain and rinse it throughly after each use. Or better still, make it a dedicated sprayer, and keep it filled with roundup to carry on your trailer to do spot spraying of beds on your mowing route
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    Echo and solo both have a halfway decent backpack sprayer. You can get them at home depot and off ebay for around 80-100 bucks. Get a 5 gal. unit if possible(you will find 5-4-3 gal units). Pre level, 5 gal mixes (or your size req.), and carry them with U, use a garden hose or spicket to fill your tank.
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    I dont know about roundup but primetol has a pellet form of there chemical you can run threw your spreder just have to wait for the rain after that. P.S I dont know if i spelled primetol right.

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