sprayin chelated iron

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    man is this stuff great but omg its gumming up everything my spray tip , filter get cloged up gun is sticky,,, i read and followed the instus on the lable but has this happened to you,,,i have a old 300 gall alluminun spray tank would this cause this **** to gum up i spray out a tank a day it dont sit over nite i use water from the water station same stuff we drink????
    it has been cool here in kentucky help
    what do i need to do:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:
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    your tank could be the problem. The stuff is sticky but should not gum up everything like you are having problems with. You will have to put in new diaphrams, rubber parts on the gun, etc sooner than normal but it shouldn't have such a drastic effect.
  3. Sun light breaks it down fast.

    And yes it will gum stuff up so you should clean daily.

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