Spraying Application


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Blackstone, Va.
I have never done spray applications of anything on lawns. This time of year on a nice fescue lawn, what is best to spray? I would like to try it out on my lawn first. I have all the equipment.

Fertilizer? Pesticide? Liquid Iron? What do you guys think?


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i personally just mixed up a tank a few minutes ago to spray first thing tomorrow. I mixed in 46-0-0 fertilizer which comes in a granular form and dissolves in water and also threw in some momentum from lesco that will get rid of all the broadleaf weeds. Before you get to spraying you need to do a little bit of measuring first. You need to accurately measure how much you are spraying per 1,000 square feet after that you will know how much to mix in with water. Otherwise you can end up mixing way to strong or just spraying away your money.