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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tjg, Jan 27, 2002.

  1. tjg

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    Have been looking for more choices of equipment, just wanted to know if anyone had a farvoite. I have found a couple of website and I know the one I purchased my sprayer from. But I'am wanting a walk behind wand but the companies I found haven't had the one I want. Any help? Thanks.
  2. tremor

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    We sell an all brass wand that will deliver a 6-8' patern with the stock tip installed @ either 5-6qts/min. It's for installation on a typical spray hose. Is this what your looking for? If not, describe the unit in detail & someone will probably recognize it.

  3. tjg

    tjg LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Tremor, That is kind of what I'm looking for, only question is if it has wheels, I has seen other companies w/ what you are talking about and they have wheels. How about a price. Thanks again.
  4. tremor

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    Walking Boom (probably Broyhill) Eight (8) TeeJet 8008 nozzles on 10" centers mounted to boom which rides on 2 10"x1.75" semi pneumatic wheels. Handle mounted trigger & 200 psi guage. Plumbed to accept a standard spray hose. Seven (7) left in stock. Most commonly sold to Summer 9 Hole Golf Courses where budget constaints prohibit the purchase of more costly utility vehicle mounted boom sprayers. We will discontinue sale of this item when the last units are sold due only to slow sales of the item. Parts readilly available. Not my first choice for bumpy home lawns. Was designed for greens & tees.
    LESCO SKU # 004600 ............ $649.00

    Spraying Systems & B&G assembled Spray Wand. Hand held unit with choice of 5 or 6 Qt/min. tip. All Brass. Sprays 6-8 feet wide from single nozzle. Very productive item. Easier to use than a ChemLawn gun but a little higher maintenance (brass is soft, wands known to break if mis-handled). Full stocking item.
    LESCO 5 qt/min SKU # 010856......$87.60
    LESCO 6 qt/min SKU # 005419......$87.60

    If you don't have a LESCO Sales Person or Store to deal with, you can call 1-800-321-5325 or send me an E-Mail & I'll see what we can come up with.

    Hope this helps.
  5. ToniDavies

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  7. MJB

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    I took my old Grasshopper and put the 11 ft Prolawn Sprayer on it. This is an awesome setup
    for spraying medium to large lawns. Plus there is no drift if the wind kicks up a bit you don't have to go home and try again later. Excellent Machine, Highly recommend it.
  8. ToniDavies

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    Here are a few more choices for shrouded spray applicators. These booms are made by Rogers Innovative the first company to invent covered booms and the only comany to ever have their boom tested for drift control. The wings lift up very easily and the puncture proof solid foam tires sure save on the tedius job of changing flats.

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